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 [Nouvelle Bande] Cursed Cavalcade - créée par Tuomas Pirinen

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MessageSujet: [Nouvelle Bande] Cursed Cavalcade - créée par Tuomas Pirinen   Sam 15 Aoû 2015 - 14:44

Bonjour tout le monde
je sais pas si vous avez suivi facebook cette semaine mais Tuomas Pirinen (le créateur de Mordheim) à créer une nouvelle bande pour feter les 1000 like de sa page :
je vous livre son poste avec les règles et tout (en anglais)

je precise que cette bande n'est pour le moment pas terminée au moment ou j'ecris ses lignes il doit etre entrain de la tester et nous prévois une révision pour la semaine prochaine (je viendrais biensur la coller ici aussi)

Tuomas Pirinen - Createur de Mordheim a écrit:


Disclaimer (please include this if you copy the text)
This is not the final version, but the very earliest draft. It will be iterated and balanced over the coming weeks.
This Warband is 100% unofficial. Yes, I wrote it, but it should only be used in your games with the approval of everyone taking part in the campaign.
The Warband is not yet balanced nor fully tested. I've been limited to a few games which produced a mountain of notes. You are gaining an early glimpse as a treat for liking my page. émoticône wink I especially need to test the Warband during mid- and late-campaign. No doubt it still has plenty of mistakes for me to correct.

The fiction and the rules for the Throne of Worms and captured members of other Warbands are to follow soon, as well as the rules of Danse Macabre. This is not yet the full scope of the Warband, but does allow people to start thinking about the models to use in the Warband.
If anyone wants to give me help with editing, playtesting, and layout, I would be much obliged. I am doing this on top of my regular work as a thanks to the community.

A Cursed Cavalcade Warband must include a minimum of three models. You have 500 Gold Crowns which you can use to recruit and equip your initial Warband. The maximum number of Warriors in this Warband may not initially exceed 13 but may gain higher upper limit (see the rules for the Throne of the Worms).
Hegemon: Each Cavalcade Warband must have one Hegemon to lead it. No more, no less!
Companions: Your Warband may include up to two Companions.
Twisted Scholar: Your Warband may include a single Scholar.
Cursed Piper: Your Warband may include a single Cursed Piper.
Wretches: You may have up to 5 Wretches.
Great Bear: Your warband may include a single Great Bear.
Wild Beasts: Your warband may include up to 2 Wild Beasts
Fighting Ape: Your warband may include a single Fighting Ape.
Note that the Cursed Cavalcade cannot use Hired Swords.

Hegemon starts with 20 experience.
Companions start with 8 experience.
Twisted Scholar starts with 4 experience
Cursed Piper stars with 6 experience.
Henchmen start with 0 experience.

The Hegemon may take Combat. Shooting, Academic, Speed and Special Skills.
The Companions may take Combat, Strength, Shooting, Speed and Special Skills.
The Scholars may take Academic and Speed Skills.
The Cursed Piper may take Academic and Speed Skills.


Noblesse oblique
The warrior feels utterly superior to his opponents, with long lineage and prestige to look down upon his common enemies, seen as nothing more than cattle to be slaughtered.
The Warrior does not fear any fear-causing creatures, and can stomp opponents who are knocked down with is iron-shod boots. This gives them additional attack against Knocked down opponents at their own Strength.
Having learned the craft of torture in the Ritual of the Comet, the warrior knows how to inflict maximum pain on the body, and uses it in a sadistic and cruel way in combat.
As soon as the model rolls to wound any enemy successfully in melee combat (even of the subsequent armor save is successful -though parries can negate this effect) the opponent loses 1 point of Strength permanently for the duration of the battle as the the pain from the wound causes agony. The effect is accumulative, and can reduce the Strength of the target to a minimum of 1.
The Undead are immune to this effect.
The warrior is an expert in hand-to-hand combat method of the Imperial duellist, aristocrats famed for their skill in single combat.
At the end of each Close Combat phase, the Duellist can force any non-large opponent he is fighting one-on-one 2" at the direction of his choosing if the targer fails to roll under its strength value. If this brings the target in contact with another model, both suffer an automatic Strength 2 hit.
If this pushes the opponent off from a high place, the he falls takes damage as normal. The duellist stays on the elevated area.


Hand-to-hand combat weapons
Misericordia: 1st free, 5gc
Sword: 10 gc
Hammer: 3gc
Double-handed weapon: 15gc
Boar Spear: 20gc (Aristocrat or Huntmaster only)
Lance: 40 gc
Missile Weapons
Long bow: 15 gc
Duelling Pistol: 30 gc (60 for a brace)
Hunting Rifle: 200 gc
Blunderbuss: 30 gc (One per warband)
Light Armor: 20 gc
Heavy Armor: 50 gc
Shield: 5 gc
Buckler: 5 gc
Helmet: 10 gc
Cathayan Quilted Silk Armor: 10 gc
Superior Blackpowder: 30 gc
Equipment (Heroes only)
Mandrake Root: 25 gc
Tome of Magic: 150 gc
Bird of Prey: 25 gc (Aristocrat only)
Banner of the Noble House: 30gc
Masks (Heroes only)
Sun Emperor Mask: 70 gc (Aristocrat only)
Mask of the Silver Death: 50 gc (One per Warband)
Fish Head mask: 60 gc (Scholar Only)
Evil Jester Mask: 45 gc (1 per Warband)
Plague Doctor Mask: 70 gc (Scholar only)
Faceless Mask: 30 gc (1 per Warband)

Hand-to-hand combat weapons
Dagger: 1st free/2gc
Mace: 3 gc
Hammer: 3 gc
Axe: 5 gc
Sword: 10 gc
Spear: 10 gc
Missile Weapons
Bow: 10 gc
Short bow: 5 gc
Crossbow: 25 gc (Max 3 per Warband)
Light Armor: 20 gc
Shield: 5 gc
Helmet: 10 gc


Boar Spear is the preferred hunting weapon of the nobles of Ostmark, designed to stop a charge of a pain-maddened giant boar with its crossguard. In Mordheim, the nobles of Cavalcade have put it in a much more sinister use, hunting desperate men
Range: Close Combat; Strength: As user +1; Special Rule: Strike First,Cavalry Weapon Bonus, Crossguard
Strike first: A warrior with a Boar Spear strikes first even when charged, because the long shaft allows him to thrust the oncoming enemies before they have a chance to hit him. This only applies during the first turn of hand-to-hand combat.
Cavalry bonus: If used by a mounted warrior the Boar Spear gives the wielder a +1 Strength bonus during the turn when he charges.
Cross Guard: The Boar Spear has been designed to stop a charge of an enraged boar on its tracks. When when charged it reduces the number of attacks of the first assailant into the close combat by 1, (down to minimum of 1), Attacks from second hand weapon or from any other source except base stats are not affected. Boar Spear has no effect on Large creatures such as Ogres save for the Charge Bonus.
Player cannot wield two Boar Spears at once.
Misericordia is a Tilean dagger with a long, thin blade designed to put wounded warriors out of their misery.
Range: Close Combat; Strength: As user; Special Rule: Coup de grace
Coup de grace: When attacking knocked down opponents, Misericordia bypasses all armor saves. as the warriors of the Cursed Cavalcade are experts at hitting the vital spots of their opponents, and the Misericordia can find the smallest chink in even the best suit of armor. Often the wielders choose a spot that causes indescribable pain but does not kill the target outright so he can be dragged before the Throne of Worms.
The caravans from the far-off lands of the East sometimes bring fabulous quilted silk armor, light as feather yet tough as steel. It is often worn by Imperial nobles under their armor or clothes to ward off arrows of Assassins.
The SIlk Armor adds +1 to the armor saves against any type of attack. It can be combined with any other type of armor.
BIRD OF PREY (Hegemon only)
Trained Falcon, Hawk or other winged predator trained from birth to hunt and fight for its noble owner.
THe Bird of Prey can be used in the Missile Phase exactly like a Missile weapon with the following exceptions: it has a reach of 18", can attack even hidden targets, and ignores penalties for cover. Use the BS of its owner to determine if it hits and it causes S3 hit if it does hit.
The finest of Tilean or Arabian steeds bred for war are often purchased by Imperial nobles, and even amongst those the famed destriers reign supreme. Count Steinhardt had seven of these magnificent steeds in his stables beneath the palace grounds.
During the Ritual of the Comet the Destriers were the only steeds to survive, having been brought into the catacombs below the palace. Burned by the black flame, they became marked just as their masters, and often wear masks of their own.
Your Hegemon may purchase and ride a Nightmare Destrier if you are using the rules for mounted warriors. Refer to Mordheim Rulebook for details.
M:9 WS:4 BS:0 S:3 T:3 W:1 A:1 I:3 LD:5
Special rules: battle-trained: A warrior trained to ride a Destrier is an expert at fighting against multiple opponents. While riding the Destrier, the Hegemon does not need to take "All alone" tests.
Burned and tattered as the rest of the finery of the Cavalcade, the Banner represents the noble house of the Hegemon of the warband, though often decorated with a red mask symbol as well, pledging allegiance to the Cavalcade. Though their city is fallen and their power lies in dust, the aristocrats of the Cavalcade still vainly hang on to the symbols of their lost glory.
Special rules: The pride of holding the banner and never abandoning it to the enemy boosts the leadership of the model by 1, and can increase the Ld of the character carrying it to a maximum of 10. Model carrying the banner must use one of his hands to hold it aloft, and cannot carry a shield, buckler, double-handed weapon or additional weapon.
While all members of the Cavalcade wear masks of metal associated with the Ritual of the Comet, the inner circle of the count has access to the special masks carrying potent corrupt curse.
Heroes of the Cursed Cavalcade Warband may wear one of the special masks. You can freely distribute the masks amongst your heroes before combat if you wish.
Golden mask fashioned to the likeness of the emperors of old adorned with a crown of laurels. The mask symbolizes the hidden wish of the house of Steinhardt to betray the Empire and raise to the throne of Sigmar in Altdorf. None wearing this mask can be brought to his knees, as fitting to an Emperor.
The warrior Wearing the Sun King Mask cannot be knocked down or Stunned, and these results on the Injury Chart have no effect. The only way to bring to remove him from combat is to roll so that he is taken Out of Action.
Hegemon only
This mask appears as an ornately decorated skull, and yet it animates as skin of a living man, matching the expressions of the wearer beneath it.
If the Hero wearing the Silver Mask is take Out of Action, he may reroll any result on a Serious Injury chart. He must accept the second result even if it is worse than the previous roll.
Only 1 Silver Death Mask per Warband.
A disturbing silver mask with studded jewelled eyes liked to a fish from the depths of the Great Ocean. It is whispered that such masks were once used by worshippers of forgotten evil deities that slumber deep beneath the sea, dreaming of the day when they rise from the depths to bring ruin to men. A man wearing this mask can swallow a human whole as snake swallows a rat.
Every time the wearer of the Fish Head Mask takes an opponent Out of Action he gains a wound that can take his number of wounds to a maximum of 5 and lasts until the end of the battle when his number of Wounds returns to normal.
This mask has little if any human features, save for two eye slits filled with nothing but blackness. He can move with utter purpose that none dare to stop.
The warrior wearing the Faceless Mask may stop one model from Intercepting his charge once per game. Models immune to psychology such as Undead and Flagellants are unaffected by this.
Erratic and unpredictable. the face of the Evil Jester mask twists into either a manic grin, a gaze of pure hatred or terrifying rage before each battle.
In the beginning fo the battle roll D6: on a roll of 1 the warrior is subject to Stupidity for the duration of the battle. On a roll of 2-5, the warrior hates all the enemies during the battle. On a roll of 6, the warrior is affected by the rules of Frenzy.
A silver mask with long, bird-like beak, it is a very symbol of death to people of Old World ravaged by the many diseases. In battle a cloud of black death billows forth from the empty eye sockets of the Mask.
Once per game, in the shooting phase, the wearer may unleash the black cloud from within the mask, burning those not part of the Cavalcade. The longer the power is held within the mask, the more potent its effect will be. On the first turn it hits any enemy model within 2" of the wearer at Strength 1, and the distance and the Strength of the effect increases by 1 in the beginning of each turn of the Cavalcade, up to range of 7" and Strength 5 if you wait for 4 turns before releasing the cloud. It does not cause critical hits.
Scholar Only (even if upgraded into Wizard or Chronicler)


65 gold crowns to hire
The Warbands of the Cavalcade are led by one of the fallen nobles that were part of the inner circle of Count Steinhardt. The Hegemon might have been a castellan, a knight or a baron or even one of the sons or daughters of Count Steinhardt himself.
Bitter, haughty, and cruel, they wear the opulent masks to hide the burns of the comet that will never heal.
M:4 WS:4 BS:4 S:3 T:3 W:1 I:4 A:1 LD:8
Leader: Any warrior of the Cavalcade Warband within 6" of the Aristocrat may use his Leadership value when taking Leadership tests.
Weapons/Armour: An Aristocrat may be equipped with weapons, armor and equipment chosen from the Cursed Cavalcade Equipment list.


45 gold crowns to hire
Many men-at-arms, Judicial Champions, Duellists and Knights of lower orders who followed Count Steinhardt in the path of depravity and were cursed along with their master. They now have one last chance to regain their dream of ruling the Empire: to gather slivers of the Comet and make it whole once more. Though they all know it is akin to finding a needle in a haystack for a thousand time, their pride and the knowledge that they may never return to the fold of Sigmar drives them on.
M:4 WS:4 BS:4 S: 3 T: 3 W: 1 I:4 A:1 LD: 7
Weapons/Armour: Companions may be equipped with weapons, armor and equipment chosen from the Cursed Cavalcade Equipment list.
As imperial nobles, the Companions have been taught the way of the sword since an early age. Companions all have the Expert Swordsman Skill.

25 Gold Crowns to Hire
Count Steinhardt initiated many wise men and scholars of Ostmark into the secrets of the Cavalcade. Now these twisted philosophers, blasphemous sages and sadistic physicians who've turned their skills into torture have been cursed alongside with their master, and travel to the ruins of Mordheim desperately looking for Wyrdstone shards in order to heal the Black Heart of the Comet.
M:4 WS:2 BS:2 S:3 T:3 W:1 A:1 LD:7
Weapons/Armour: A Scholar may be equipped with weapons, armor and equipment chosen from the Cavalcade Equipment list.
Special Rules: you may make the Twisted Scholar into a Wizard by paying additional 10 GC. If you do this then the twisted scholar uses Lesser Magic but will be unable to wear any armor.
You may also make the Scholar into a ChronIcler for 10 gc instead (but not in addition to) a Wizard. A Chronicler has in-depth knowledge of the city of Mordheim and may reroll an extra dice during Exploration phase and may decide which of the two dice to keep.

35 gold crowns to hire
Many of the great thespians, flutists, and other entertainers were easily lured into the fold of Count Steinhardt. They are now compelled by their curse to play the tune of Danse Macabre as the Cavalcade fights with the scavengers of Mordheim for the scraps of Wyrdstone.
M:4 WS:3 BS:3 S:3 T:3 W:1 A:1 LD:7
Weapons and armor: the Cursed Piper may be equipped with weapons, armor and equipment from the Cavalcade equipment list. Note that he must play a flute or another instrument with one hand, and may not have an off-hand weapon, double-handed weapon, brace of pistols of any kind, or use Bows or Crossbows.
Danse Macabre: The Piper plays the Danse Macabre in combat. See the separate rules for Danse Macabre,

MENAGERIE (Henchmen of the Cavalcade)
(Bought in groups of 1-5)
Only a hundred or so men and women of the Inner Circle of the Cavalcade survived the calamity of the Comet. With inability to replenish fallen warriors except through the few men and women captured by their roaming warbands and brought before the Throne of Worms, the nobles opened the cages of the menagerie of the Count, and brought out the great beasts used for war. Burned by the black flame of the comet, and baited by their handlers to attack all but the members of the Cavalcade they tear intruders apart with frightening feriocity.
Bedecked in gleaming jewels and iron torques for protection, they have become terrible opponents to the other Warbands of Mordheim. The mistreatment of the beasts by the Cavalcade is especially hated by Sisters of Sigmar, for the patron god of the Empire was famous for his care of his faithful hounds and warhorses.
The Wretched gain experience and may become heroes as normal henchmen. Due the the corrupting influence of the Wyrdstone, the Fighting Ape can gain Experience, but at much slower pace than humans. The Fighting Ape gains only 1/2 Experience point where normal henchman gain 1. Re-roll any "Lad's got talent!" result.

25 gold crowns to buy
These are the miserable men and women brought to the Catacombs forced to sit on the Throne of Worms and judged to be worthy to serve the true rulers of Mordheim. They are initiated to the very lowest ranks of the warbands, forced to sleep in the worst cages and animal pits until they have proven their worth. Their skin is burned and scarred with the flame of the Throne, forever marking them as the members of the Cavalcade, unable to escape and return to their former lives. They wear metal masks just like the rest of the Warband, but far simpler and cruder in design.
M:4 WS:3 BS:3 S:3 T:3 W:1 I:3 A:1 LD:7
Weapons/Armour: Wretched may be equipped with weapons, armor and equipment chosen from the Scholar Equipment list.

140 Gold Crowns to buy
These huge beasts captured from the vast forests of the Empire are prized as the jewels of count Steinhardt's menagerie. Goaded to fight with humans as part of the dark ritual to summon the comet, and corrupted by the flame of the Black Heart, they are extremely dangerous creatures, especially if their blood is drawn.
M:5 WS:3 BS:0 S:5 T:5 W:2 I:3 A:2 LD:6
Maddened with pain: As soon as the Great Bear suffers a single wound it gains an additional attack.

45 gold crowns to buy
These can be Wild Cats from the deep jungles of the south or far-off Lustria, Wild Boars captured by hunters of Ostmark, or some other exotic animal bred for battle.
M:6 WS:3 BS:0 S:4 T:4 W:1 I:5 A:2(3) LD:5
Weapons/Armor: Wild Beastsnever uses weapons and armor, and does not need them to fight effectively.
Charge: when charging their enemies the Wild Beasts gain +1 Attack on the first turn of close combat.

75 gold crowns to buy
Brought from the far-off lands to the menageries of the Imperial nobles, these man-like creatures have been trained by their keepers to attack . Their intelligence raised by the influence of the black flame of the comet, and th
M:6 WS:3 BS:0 S:4 T:4 W:1 I:5 A:2 LD:5
Weapons/Armor: Fighting Ape never uses weapons and armor, and does not need them to fight effectively. At a cost of 10 gc Barbary Ape can be equipped with two cymbals which it frenziedly beats together to the forbidding tune of Danse Macabre. Any enemy model within 6" will be so disturbed by the sound that they suffer -1BS penalty and -1 Ld Penalty.
Agile: The Fighting Apes are fantastically agile and nimble, putting even the greatest acrobat or Skaven Assassin to shame. The Fighting Ape has the Scale Sheer Surfaces Skill, Acrobat Skill, and Dodge Skill. In addition, the Fighting Ape can make a diving charge from up to 10" high.
Source : Post sur FaceBook

Pour ceux que ca interresse ici se trouve le debut du fluff (en anglais toujours)
Source : Post sur FaceBook

hop j'en profite pour vous annoncer que cette bande sera inclue dans MhBuilder dés qu'elle sera equilibrée et complete (j'essaierai d'en faire la traduction aussi)

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MessageSujet: Re: [Nouvelle Bande] Cursed Cavalcade - créée par Tuomas Pirinen   Sam 15 Aoû 2015 - 16:36

Ah voilà un peu de nouveauté Mordheimesque, j'attends ces parties tests avec impatience.

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[Nouvelle Bande] Cursed Cavalcade - créée par Tuomas Pirinen
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